There are many things in life which can block a writer from their abilities to write. Some of these hamper the time in which an author actually has to sit down and write, whether just writing out developmental outlines or actual chapters. Others hamper the mental creativity required to generate a story of fiction, fantasy, or science fiction (and, yes, even non-fiction works). This anonymous writer suffers from the former. It all began five and a half years ago when I decided to embark on the journey known as university studies. As I began life as a college student, this grand dream of balancing schoolwork with writing with time left over for some semblance of a social life was strong. As time went on, however, that dream faded. Upper-division classes and then graduate work in a master’s program slowly edged out all other pursuits. Not for lack of trying on the part of the author, however. I often sat down to try to develop a new novel, write other things besides poetry, but school would not hear of it. And so it was one day that this author began to fear I would never accomplish the lifelong goal of becoming a published novelist.