Alas, here I sit, pondering what to write next in all the backstory and worldbuilding I’m trying to complete. Really, all I want to be doing at the moment is writing, finishing the novel, re-writing, editing, re-writing, and the cycle goes on and on.

Nathan Bransford‘s blog today began a serious discussion of how to know when your manuscript is done. It made me wish that I was at this stage in the process, to be revising a manuscript that went from start to finish. Instead, I wallow in backstory as I try to discover exactly where my passion for writing disappeared to.

Then I realize, that passion was dispelled by lack of time. I’ve been in graduate school for the last two years and regrettably was preoccupied with other things. This summer is to be a renaissance of my passion and love of writing.

Just as soon as I can nail down every last bit of backstory. *sigh*