That’s truly the question on my mind at the current moment. I have spent the last 19 years of my life as a currently enrolled student in a number of public schools and universities. I am burned out on school. I was told once that I need to take classes on writing fiction. But I am torn. I don’t know whether an MFA would actually help me. And part of me wants to prove that person wrong by writing an absolutely wonderful novel or other form of published work and be able to say that I never once took a formal class on writing. Shouldn’t life be the school of writers? I know that craft is all-important, but isn’t believability more important?

My other dilemma is finding a critique group for the writing I want to do. I used to be in a writers’ group, but it was very short-lived. This was during the time I interned at Barnes and Noble. I had to sit in on the writers’ group to keep track of the numbers, but I was also allowed to participate in the writers’ group. This early help, I feel, was invaluable to my development as a writer. I miss that, but I have no idea where to begin finding a critique group for when the time comes.

When I manage to sort my life out, I’ll let everyone know what I did to do so. (Not that there’s anyone actually reading this. Oh, look, the inner-critic came out to play…)