Bookstore Bargain: I miss you, friend. You spend so little time with me of late. Novice Writer Anonymous, why do you not come visit me?

NWA: But, Bargain, you’re such a dangerous friend to have! I can’t spend more than a few minutes with you at a time!

BB: What?! Me?! Dangerous? Lies! Who has told you such lies?

NWA: No one has told me lies. I know what dangers lay in your deep shelves. They can be very tantalizing dangers, though, I will admit. But I haven’t the resources to plumb your depths and avoid the dangers.

BB: Tell me what these dangers are? I offer you such wonderful treasures.

NWA: Yes, it’s true that you can be very helpful. I have found many a useful tome in your shelves. But it has been many months since I did so. There hasn’t been anything interesting, pertinent, or appealing to the eye in your treasures lately.

BB: But if you’d just spend more time with me I know I can find you something really valuable. Remember that book on world mythology you got? That’s proved invaluable hasn’t it? And what about that character traits book?

NWA: I’ll admit those were helpful. But I have bought so many books from your collection that there is nothing new that I absolutely need.

BB: But I’m so budget-friendly!

NWA: That’s the danger I spoke of!

BB: How is that a danger?

NWA: Your stores are so cheap that I can easily get carried away and end up going over my budget!

BB: Spend more time with me and I’ll help you find the most valuable of all my works.