Poems written this week: 8! I missed a day, but I wrote 3 haiku one day so it sort of balanced out somehow. Maybe my count is off though…I never was very good at math. They’re all pretty crappy poems, but they are also first drafts so there are many revisions ahead for each. Some will find their way into my current collections that I’m working on while others will stay on my computer indefinitely. (Or until my brain kicks out another really great idea for a poetry collection.)

Short stories written this week: 1! It’s for the Writer’s Digest prompt from their newest issue so it’s really really short, only about 730 words. But it gets the point across and it’s all good.

World-building achieved this week: I’ve made it through 6 more rulers, including the first and second Empresses. I spent some time laying out which Emperor/Empress was born when, when the heir would have been born, when the throne was first occupied, and date of death for the next age of history in my world. I’m maybe 3 Emperors from the end of the current age. The next age will be the one right before the age in which my novel is set. So hopefully I’ll get more accomplished this week as far as the world-building goes.