Poems written: 2. I did, however, get the first stanza of another written and plotted out the idea for another one. But I don’t think I could feasibly publish that poem, so I’m going to have to scrap it. And I did start a poem that turned into something that would be better suited to the opening of a memoir chapter. (If I knew how to write memoir, that is.)

Short stories written: 0. Maybe next week will be better, eh?

World-building achieved: Finished off one era/age of history and moved into the next. But I’m realizing as I go along that I’ve increasingly gone away from the “history of the world” that I intended when I started out. Sure when it began it was the entire world, but that’s been decreasing in size as the years roll on in this thing. I’m working my way down to the finalization of boundaries and the formalizing of the borders that contain the country that my WIP takes place in. But I’m doing so at the expense of the rest of the nations around this one. I’ll have to go back and write a history for the countries that aren’t included in what I’ve written so far. And that’s going to take time. With the job hunt and such I know I’m going to be losing that valuable time. So I’ll just have to work my tail off to get done with what needs to be done this month so I can move back to writing come August.