Between all the varied activities this week (golf lessons!) and trying to get my world-building achieved I didn’t do much reading.

Ancestor Worship by Brock Dethier

Location in Barnes and Noble: I’m pretty sure this is a POD title, but if it were to be on bookstore shelves, look for it in poetry. (Published by Pudding House Chapbook Series.)

Why I read it: A) I needed something to put here in the Author’s Bookshelf post for the week. B) Dethier writes about his family, which is something I’m trying to do in my poetry WIP titled …Futile. So it’s good inspiration for me. C) They’re really good poems and it’s a good read.

Mini-review: This is the third time I’ve read Ancestor Worship. The first two times were for poetry workshops I took in graduate school. (Though I never had the chance to take a class from Dr. Dethier.) This collection of poems is so well-written that the table of contents even reads like a poem. “Witch’s Spawn,” the first poem in the collection, starts the work off with a bang. And it doesn’t stop there. Each poem is poignant, sometimes biting, with a splash of humor laid on throughout the collection. My favorite would have to “Relative Unknown” for its sound and melancholy hopefulness. “Cleaning the Attic,” is another favorite for I see myself and my late father in the words which Dr. Dethier writes. It’s an overall excellent collection with rich, vivid images and luscious sounds.

Final review: Thumbs up. If you can get your hands on a copy, do so.