I focused more on backstory (and golf lessons and job hunting) this week than reading. But here goes with what I managed.

Elements of Fiction Writing: Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card

Location in Barnes & Noble: Reference

Why I read it: This week was my week to tackle charcter bios. It’s also a good resource to read for writing. I’m still confused on some aspects of the whole viewpoint thing, but I think what I’ve written so far of my book is 3rd omniscient, with some moments of either 1st or 3rd limited. (I know I tend to mix them all together. Which is reason enough for you all to just start launching those rotten veggies you’ve been holding onto since my goals update yesterday.)

Mini-review: A very good source of information on character, though the first 2 chapters of Noah Lukeman’s book The Plot Thickens do better for me at helping me “interrogate my characters.” I do love the book for the reason that Card continually uses Indy, Han, and LOTR as his reference examples. Can’t beat that combination, eh? *dreamy sigh, far-off look* Back to reality… I thought this was a very handy book to have. (And I finally read it after years of it just sitting on my shelf. This is what happens when you work at Barnes & Noble and get a 30% employee discount. Must stay away from the devil store.)

Final review: Thumbs up. Read it if you want a good solid refresher (or lesson) on viewpoint and characterization. But just be aware that you may have some questions that aren’t answered in this book when you’re done.