First Edition.

Per my status bar to the left, I’m 16% complete with Sunstone book 1. Will I ever finish? Maybe by October if I keep at a 2,000 words per day pace.

But 2,000 words a day is tough. It takes several hours and leaves me with no time to do anything but type it all into my computer at the end of the day before I go to bed.

So, I’ll ramble some here now about my writing and how it’s going.

Most days I do pretty good at getting to my minimum goal. The best day I had was August 2 when I wrote 3,330 words in one day. That was an amazing output. The least productive day I had was last friday with a sum total of 130 words.

Yes, you read that right. There’s no comma.

I really hate what I’ve written and it’s all I can do to keep myself from just scrapping the project entirely. I know I’ll never get published with it. If I ever get published at all with anything I ever write. There are all these chapters here at the beginning that really just go nowhere. And I want to erase it all and try to figure out how to salvage any of it. There are key plot points that come out in these chapters. These chapters are the beginning of my villain’s plans picking up steam and coming to a head. (My villain’s plans have been in motion for a long time before the book ever starts which is how I justify to myself starting where I do in the whole storyline.)

For the most part, my chapters are 4K-5K+ long. I have one chapter that deals with my MC that is really short at the moment, but I figure that will change in revisions. What’s nice about these early chapters is I’ll be able to rearrange them as needed when the time comes without much revision to keep timelines straight.

But it is seriously all I can do to keep from deleting all nearly 20,000 words I’ve written so far this month and just moving on to a different project. I want to just finish the stupid book, say I finished a novel, and move on.

All other WiPs are on backburner. Except one. My poetry collection, Painted Silence, is out in a contest pool. The deadline for entries is Saturday and the judge will begin reading all entries next week, I’m assuming.

The judge is poet Mark Doty, if anyone knows his work. The winner will be notified in November. So come December, I’ll either have a poetry collection ready to be published or I’ll be shoving it in a dark corner where no one will ever see it again.