10- I’m lazy sometimes

9- Pain of any sort

8- The stupid pen died or I lost my favorite pen

7- I’m mad at myself for writing crappy stuff and I want to just chuck it all

6- All my blogging buddies posted really funny stuff on their blogs that I want to keep reading and commenting on until all my time gets sucked into the black hole that took the USS Voyager into the Delta Quadrant

5- Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse so I am now being equipped with my own loud-breathing cybernetic suit

4- The Borg assimilated me so I’m too focused on world domination in Fairway Solitaire

3- My brain is too full of contemporary sci-fi references to write my own fantasy properly

2- I’m angry at stupid hypocrites and stupid time-saving devices

And the #1 reason?

Job-hunting…I’d like to time travel a few hundred years into the future and be aboard the Enterprise.