*we will be channeling the rejectionist today, to a certain degree*

Dear people, we are in a dilemma.  A dilemma of ages.  We wish to write this paranormal idea that we came up with a month ago.  We wish to finish it so it can be sold and that it can be the fulfillment of a dream.  We came to realize however that this hope is a false one.  We face a dilemma.  We face a book without a genre.  It is a book without a home in a bookstore.  It is not YA.  It is not adult.  It will get lost in the depths of the fantasy section of the bookstore.  Or it will get lost in the slush pile never to emerge from the deep shadows of 100 buildings.  You see, our characters are all adults.  They are not teenagers.  They are adults who do not engage in the sorts of activities which would make the book saleable to an adult audience.  Our characters are also not saleable in a YA market because they are over the magic age of 20.  But we cannot make it work to transform our characters into teenagers.  We fear our work is doomed to failure before it even gets fully realized.

You see, our research shows a general consensus on the internet that YA books must have characters between the ages of 12 and 18.  There may not be adults, or if there are their presence must be limited.  Conversations must be kept to a minimum.

It has been suggested to us that we stretch boundaries and create secret societies within NASA to enable our characters to be younger than they currently are.  But we fear this will cause our book to stray too far into the realm of a certain movie which we have only seen snippets of and wish to stay away from.  Besides which, our research also shows that you must be able to strip away the paranormal to return to everyday earth in order for it to be considered a paranormal.

Sigh, double sigh, and le sigh.

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Now we see our dilemma and it is disheartening us.

That is all.