I’m working on some new posts, but it’s taking longer than I thought.  So I figured, now might be a fun time to go ahead with another Q&A.  I’ll be answering questions both Tuesday and Thursday so if you don’t get a question in before Tuesday’s post goes up, don’t worry, I’ll get to it on Thursday.

You can ask me anything you want, except what my real name is.  Be as creative as you can!

I’m thinking of making this a monthly feature.  It will ease some of the pressure to come up with fresh content related to writing all the time.  And it’s a fun way of getting to know you all because your questions tell me just as much about you as my answers do about me.  If you’d like to see this as a regular feature, let me know either here in the comments or via e-mail.

Thanks, Roni (AKA Fiction Groupie), for the link for the signature!