I’m insane.  iminsaneiminsaneiminsaneiminsane

Do I need to say it any more times?

I’m insane.

I’m going back to school.

Because, you know, two college degrees aren’t enough.


This is really gonna put a crimp on my writing time and such.  But it won’t happen until January.  (If I get in at all.)  I know it’s been said we shouldn’t talk about rejections on our blogs.  But this isn’t the type of rejection that I have to avoid speaking of.  I really don’t think I’ll not get in, but you never know.  They might look at my transcripts and such and be all, “You’ve got two degrees.  No, we can’t let you in.  You’re on your own.”  You never know.

But, yeah, that’s the plan right now.  I’ll be hopefully getting a bachelor’s degree in art and visual communication.  So I’ll be taking drawing classes, photography classes, and learning all about typography and such things as go into the design of a book.  Well, my emphasis will be on graphic design.  So it’ll be fun.  I’m really excited about the prospect.

Now I just need to get Oracles Promise and  Lodestar finished before I go back to school.