I was in full procrastination mode this week, in case you couldn’t tell.  I redecorated over here a couple of times in the process.  And it’s clear that I’m a black and white girl.  I tried the color thing, but I just couldn’t get the text colors right.
What’s that?  Oh, you want me to get on with the actual real content?

Tough.  You’re getting something else first.

I got my acceptance e-mail last night.  It’s officially official that I’m both insane and going back to school.

So that’s that.  Now on to business.

I wrote out the history that I’d been needing to write for the last 3 weeks.  Finally.  That happened Monday night.  Then Tuesday I spent doing other things like falling asleep and I really am not sure what else.

Oh yeah, I wrote for the first time in 3 weeks.  Only 592.  But still, I wrote!  Tomorrow can only get better.  But I’ve got 70-something days to finish Lodestar and Oracles Promise.  Because that’s when my school starts up again.  And I’ll be working on the days I don’t have school, trying to fit homework in between that, and then trying to stay sane.  But it’ll be a good insanity.

So that’s it for status updates.  How is everyone else doing with their projects?