On October 11, my mom and I watched the second episode of the CBS show Three Rivers.  (Sigh, Moonlight  we barely knew thee.)  My mom and I had watched the pilot episode the week before.

It’s common that from pilot to second episode there are changes.  Someone’s re-cast, a character is eliminated and another brought in, etc.  But the writers are always consistent with timelines and such.

Except on Three Rivers.  In the first episode, there’s a new transplant assistant coordinator (whatever his title is).  The doctors all know who he is, he seems to have a pretty good handle on what his job entails, etc.

In episode 2, he’s just being hired.  No one knows him and he’s thrust into an entirely new situation that he has no idea how to handle.  He doesn’t seem able to do his job, etc.

Consistency thy name is EDITOR.

Or, in our case, internal editor.  For writers, we have to know everything about our characters, etc. there is to know before we start writing so that we can stay consistent.  This will help keep plot holes to a minimum in first draft, etc.  (I really like using “etc” in this post, eh?)  So we need to develop a good editorial eye to keep consistent within each project.

That’s all.  It was just really bugging me that this had happened on network television.  Sigh.

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