Since it was the clear winner, you get to experience the utterly random musings of my brain every Friday from now on!  *cue evil laughter*

So, watching The Mentalist last night was interesting.  I don’t normally do well with anything that’s creepy.  I have a very vivid imagination (go figure) and I’m prone to nightmares.  I scare really quite easily.  Get out of that corner, though, because you won’t scare me that way.  I saw you get in that corner.  Get out, seriously.

Sorry.  We’re back.

On one hand, I really hoped that they’d drag out the Rigsby/Van Pelt romance a little bit longer.  Not the romance itself, just the will they/won’t they tension.  Really.  I mean, it was cute in a way how it happened, but I was really getting a kick out of Rigsby going to Cho for advice over every little detail.  And Cho’s deadpan face is always a classic.  Love it.

Yeah, I just rambled about a television show.  But, really, what else is new?  TV is apparently my life.  Sigh.

I love the random places that little notes about my stories will show up.  Take Wednesday night.  I was looking through all my poetry related stuff, just getting prepared in case y’all decided you wanted me to talk about poetry, and I find these two gems on a copy of Robert Wrigley’s poem titled Exxon:

“I have to show a 4th day of Sundance.  Back to Bluefly for an outfit.”

“Also must check blue nile for necklaces for Archer to buy her.”

These two littlle nuggets are random things that flitted through my brain during a poetry workshop.  At the time I was writing what originated as a short story but turned into a novel.  This was a story about a girl who publishes under a pseudonym and through some contrivances of character manages to keep her everyday identity completely separate from her author identity.  Much drama ensues.  For about 100 or so pages.  These blips on the radar are from when she’s dating guy #1, as all good romances have some sort of obstacle in the way of the real couple getting their HEA.  Guy #1 is an actor and invites her to Sundance with him when a film of his gets accepted.  Yeah, I had fun with this story.  The research was the best just because I kind of got to live vicariously through my character.  She got uber-fabulous clothes all the time because she had a stellar job in real life and was that rare overnight sensation that seems to be the exception to the rule.

Yeah, I still managed to make a random musing post be about writing.  Weird.

Halloween is tomorrow.  I’ve got a special weekend post planned for it so be on the lookout.  Have a great weekend everyone!