New rules:

1- Write everything longhand first; on Tuesday type up the week’s writings
2- Write every day, no matter what
3- Finish a darned draft of something!

1- No more complaining about writing being hard/difficult/whatever
2- No more pressure to be the wonder blogger who comes up with fabulous posts every. single. time.

1- Smack me when I break blog rule #1
2- Laugh at me when I act stupid or immature
3- Have fun!

Did that last category get you worried there for a second?  Sorry.  It’s just all been on my mind lately.

To explain blog rule #1: No matter how trying writing may get, it’s nothing compared to the real life battles I’ve been through and survived relatively unscathed.  Thus, I am no longer allowed to complain about writing because writing is fun and it’s my passion.  Smack me if I complain.  Or stop following the blog.  That can act as a virtual slap.

Writing rule #1 may actually be eliminated.  If last night was any indication, I’ll never get anywhere if I wait a week to type up everything I wrote.  You see, I didn’t write yesterday.  At least, not in the notebook that I use to write in.  I’d written 900+ words the day before.  But I didn’t type it out until yesterday.  And I seriously changed so much of what I’d written.  I added a couple hundred words to what I wrote, but the bulk of what’s in the computer is different from what I wrote longhand.  So that rule will probably get thrown out the window.  Sigh.

I’m thinking of having a contest but I honestly can’t come up with a prize.  So it’s on hold.  Feel free to put your cost-free prize ideas in the comments section, if you so desire.  The only prize I can think of is entirely selfish and self-serving and I know that no one would want to compete for it so I probably won’t use it.

Fingers crossed I’ll have a job soon.  Interviewed the other day.  Just waiting.  I’ll probably call and follow-up today.  We’ll see.  Another interview happening on Monday.

Yes, I’m rambling.  I’ll stop now.

The best things on earth, the things I really really want:

Yoda tree topper
Star Wars nutcrackers
Vader clock radio
Vader computer topper
Vader kite

What’s that?  Nerd, you say?  Why, yes, I do believe it an appropriate moniker.

Oh, and for the record, my mother really wants a Chia Obama.  The commercial cracks her up every. single. time.