Ok, sorry for the shouting.  But I’m really happy to be done with that chapter.

I think it was my evil inner editor that kept me in that chapter.  It kept telling me that I had to cram in every necessary character introduction and multiple other events into the chapter.

I finally sedated the evil inner editor (hereafter called “the thing”) and finished the chapter.

If I hadn’t had to work the night I finished it, I’d have gone hog wild to celebrate.  (OK, I would have just gotten caught up watching Food Network and Castle instead of writing.)

The same day I finished that chapter, I hit the 60% mark in my progress.

Some stats and random facts:

Chapter from Hades is number 14 of 18.

Chapter from Hades is 8,692 words long.  (Yikes, I know!)  That’s a total of 24 pages.  I think that’s officially my longest chapter thus far.

Chapter from Hades is roughly 10% of the overall book length (of what I’ve got written so far).  My math may not be entirely accurate on that.  It was never my best subject.

Largest word in wordle: My MC’s name.  That’s good, right?  My other characters’ names (with a couple exceptions) are almost as large.

The thing reared its ugly head though last night.  I was bored, and procrastinating, and I started a sticky note of the unresolved threads I began in the book.  I’ve only got one so far but I didn’t make it very far into what I’ve written.  See, Thing came out to play.  I shouldn’t be editing or worrying about editing or any of that.  I’ve still got 40% of this puppy to pen.

I’ve concocted a scheme to help me figure out the answer to one question regarding my MS.  It’s going to take a ton of work to accomplish, but I’m hopeful I could make it work.  It won’t happen until I’ve finished the first draft though.

If you need a crit partner or group, check out Lynnette’s blog.  She’s playing matchmaker right now.  Go check it out and see what comes of it.

I think I’ll have a couple of contests here in the near future.  But again I’m stuck with a lack of prize ideas.  Must think on this.