It is time now for the grand prize drawing.

Congratulations to Stephanie Thornton and Windy A!

Here’s a rundown of what you’ve won, just as a reminder.  E-mail me an e-mail addy where I can send your prizes.  Also be sure to let me know the topic you want me to write about for the poem and which WiP you would like a peek at.

Thank you everyone for participating this week!

Grand prize: (2 awarded)
A $15 gift certificate to Amazon
A poem of their choosing
A peek at any one of my projects listed below


Oracles Promise (YA fantasy)- in progress
Lodestar (Paranormal)- in progress
A Rose by Any Other Name (romance)- First draft done
Jack and Caitlin (short story)- in progress
…Futile (poetry)- in progress
Musings (poetry)- in progress
Migrations (poetry)- in progress
Milestone (poetry)- in progress
Painted Silence (poetry)- in progress