Got that on a t-shirt for Christmas this year.  It’s pretty great.  I laughed when I opened it.

But it’s also great advice.  Not just for those around us.  (Well, we don’t want them getting the memo, do we?)  But for us.

We have to pay attention to the outside world, as scary as that may sound.

You seriously cannot make some things up.  And it’s these stories, these little quirks and personality traits that we pull from real life that make our characters pop off the page.  These are what make our characters come alive and make them compelling for the reader.

A book can be perfectly executed, but if the characters and story aren’t compelling, it falls flat.

So, we have to pay attention and try not to warn people to be careful lest they wind up in our novels.

Of course, we do have to change details enough so that those around us don’t realize where we pulled those small details from.

Have a good day, everyone!