Wow.  A new year.  A new decade.

The last one’s been crap.  (The decade.  Last year was pretty okay.)

But they’ve also been good in their ways.

I lost and loved and achieved many things in this past decade.

It started with loss and ended on a low note.

Here’s to 2010 and the whatever this decade will be called.

Writerly goals for 2010:

Finish Oracles Promise.  (70,280 words written.  Only 19,720 to go!)
Revise it.
Write Lodestar. (12,829 words written.  Only 62,171 to go!)
Revise it.
Be query-ready on some project by September/October.  (That’s realistic, right?)
Finish my poetry collection titled …Futile and get it polished for contest entry by August

That’s it.  Those are all the goals I’m going to set.  No resolutions.  Just goals.

Happy new year everyone.