Because, apparently, I’m not.  Despite what I may believe.  Or what others may believe about me.

I’m taking a 2D design class this semester.  My instructor gave us this thing yesterday.  It’s an excerpt from Training and Development Journal from 1989.  This guy, David H. Lyman, ran these workshops in Maine for photographers and other “creative” types.  He came up with this list of traits for creative people.

Lyman’s List of Creative Traits

Creative people:

  1. give themselves permission to be different.  They accept their “differentness.”

  2. are playful.  They do not take anything too seriously–not even serious things.

  3. do not play by the rules.  They enjoy being outlaws, breaking rules, and thumbing their noses at conformity.

  4. are adventurous.  They love to travel, to see new things, and to explore the world around them and the inner world of their minds and hearts.

  5. have trouble being accurate, punctual, and proper.

  6. are funny. They have a sense of humor.  They make fun, have fun, and are fun to be around.

  7. are spontaneous.  They take direction from each day’s events and from the work they do.

  8. are independent.  They have an ability to work alone and stand alone in their convictions and desires.

  9. are sensitive to art and beauty.

  10. are enthusiastic, idealistic, and responsive.

  11. are bold.  They act with confidence and single-mindedness.

  12. see things where others do not.

  13. take action.

  14. push beyond, around, or through the wall.  Every problem is an opportunity.

  15. are driven; they are passionate.

  16. are not content with the obvious, the mundane, the mediocre, and the cliche.

  17. know when and how to let go.

  18. are patient.

  19. do not mind being lost or feeling ambiguous.

OK, so I’ve got 4, 8, 9, maybe 10, definitely 12 when it comes to some random things, but none of the rest.

But I’m okay with that.  Because I don’t necessarily think that you have to be every single thing on this list to consider yourself a creative person.  I’m punctual to a fault.  But that’s just who I am.  I’m not the most patient person in the world, but I don’t care.

I’ve definitely felt lost these last few months without any real direction in my life.  Things have begun to return to normal now.  I can see the appeal in becoming a “professional student.”

Q4U: Which traits do you have on this list?  What’s the one on there you most wish you did have?  What’s the one you most wish you didn’t have?