Curse school.  I am so not going to have any time to write.  Whatever.

As for school, I do think I’ll enjoy this degree program.  It’s a major paradigm shift for me, mentally.

Wednesday, my instructors kept asking in the classes how many of us there were actually art majors.  My first inclination is still to keep the hand down.  I’m not an art major.  Who am I to think I’m an art major?

Then, I remember that I am, in fact, an art major.  So. weird.

Anyways, this is definitely going to be a different beast than my first two degrees were.  (I only have one paper to write this whole semester.  And it’s only 4 pages long.  Again. so. weird.)  Lots of projects to do.  And I mean lots.  There are habits I have to start developing that will definitely take some time to get established.

When not doing homework, if that ever happens, and not at work I will write.  Most likely that will happen on Sundays.  Oracles Promise will be finished who knows when.  But I do hope to finish it this year.  2010 may not be the year I query on a project, but I will finish this book.  And hopefully pick up on Lodestar again.

That is your post today.  I must go buy my laundry list of art supplies and try to wrap my brain around this whole process.