OK, so if you follow me on Twitter or you’re my friend on Facebook, you probably saw me saying that I only had to write 750 or so words a day to finish before February rolls into town.

Um, I’m 3 days behind now.  School is just draining everything.  Am I 3 days behind?  I’m not really sure.

Maybe I’m only 2.  Yeah, it’s 2.  So I could finish on Groundhog Day.

Wouldn’t that be a fitting day to end on?  Seriously.  I could finally escape the book that wouldn’t end.  And, like Bill Murray, I’ve been stuck in the book that won’t end for years.

Or am I thinking Lambchop’s Singalong?


On to the updates.  Let’s see, I finished a chapter.  I’ve moved into another.  There’ll be this one and then probably my big climax chapter.  Then there’ll be the wrap-up to the climax chapter and then the final chapter.

I’m so close I can taste it.  There’s been an attempt on a character’s life and there’s a lot of blood pooling in a location.

How’s that for ominous?  I won’t say whether that attempt was successful.

That’s your update!  I’ll be back by this evening to check in on things over here!