Welcome to a new blog feature.  On Thursdays I’ll post a scenario.  I may have pulled it from a television show or a book or crafted it from my own imagination.  Then I’ll ask you what you would do following the scenario.  How would you react to the given situation?  How would your MC react?

Got it?  OK.

Today’s scenario is:

The person you loved disappeared without saying goodbye.  You know they either wound up in jail or dead.

He or she re-enters your life rather suddenly.  At this point, you’ve a child and a fiance.  You feel you’ve moved on.  But then, when they come to actually say goodbye this time around, he or she says, “My real name…”

What would you do?  Would you let them finish the sentence?  Would you want to know what he or she wants to tell you?

What about your MC?  Would he/she want to know?

Have fun!