This last week saw a ton of progress.  Tons.

Moonrat hosted a WY@O Weekend.  I participated last Saturday and made excellent progress on my book.  I wrote close to 6000 words that day and exceeded my goal word count.

WY@O day included writing the climax of the book.  That was rather exciting to me.

Sunday and Monday I worked really hard to finish the book.  I was so close that I could taste it.

One unexpected plot detour later and I was golden.  Finished the book Monday.  (In case you missed yesterday’s announcement of the same.)  Now I’m in the “let it stew” phase.  My characters were quite demanding in the last couple of weeks.  I laid down the law on them.  My MC and two of her friends remain 10.  The one character who asked to be older, I originally capitulated and he became 16 instead of 12.  I bumped that back 2 years.  He’s now 14.

We’ll see how long my characters accept this new set of circumstances.


Draft 1.5 final word count: 94,452
Largest word in Wordle cloud: My MC’s name.  (Good thing.)
Words that seem to be my echoes: looked, began, around, magic, time

Don’t forget that there’s still time to ask me a question!  I’ll be answering them all on Friday.