Here’s today’s scenario.

After you’ve been married to an immigrant for a while, say 8 years, you and your husband find out that he is a father.  The child was conceived well before you were married.  And he never knew about her for a variety of reasons.  Her mother is dead and the situation in their home country is not ideal and he helps bring her to the states.  You, though, thought he was having an affair.

What do you do when you find out the truth?  Do you welcome her into your home?  Or do you withdraw and question your marriage?

Since a lot of us write YA, spin this one to put your MC in the daughter’s place.  How does she react to being uprooted and such?

And don’t forget that there’s still time to ask me a question.  I’ll be writing up the post tonight so I’ll need to cut off questions at 9 p.m.