I’ve been neglecting you all.  I’ve received a couple of awards lately and not shared them.  I apologize ladies.  I do appreciate that you have taken the time to tell me you find something valuable in my blog.

First up it’s the Happy 101 Award.  I received it from Jen at unedited and then again from Roxy over at a woman’s write.  Thank you to both of you!  I’ve posted my ten things already.   The original post can be found here.  (It’s the last memo in the post.)

Next is the Creative Blogger (or bold-faced liar) award.  Margaret at Musings of a Would-Be Writer graced my blog with this award.  Thank you, Margaret!

The rules:

1: Thank the giver.
2: Copy the logo and put it on your blog.
3: Link to the giver.
4: Tell six outrageous lies and one truth about yourself.
5: Give to 7 others who might have fun with it.
6: Link to recipients.
7: Comment on the recipients’ blogs to let them know about it.

OK, 7 things about me.

1- I’m the next Phil Mickelsen.
2- I’ve lived the same place my whole life.
3- I am ridiculously cool.
4- I have a secret longing to open a bed and breakfast near a golf course.
5- I’ve competed in rodeo my whole life.
6- I’m secretly a world-famous author who is trying to write with a modicum of anonymity.
7- I’ll be a presenter at the Oscars in 2 weeks.

I can’t pick 7 people to pass this on to so I’m not going to pick any.  If you want to participate, consider yourself tagged.

Oh, and can you guess which is the truth in my list?