Coming in a minute.  This was kind of fun to do.  You all had such widely varying opinions on what was true about me.  I’ll re-list them and explain them below.

1- I’m the next Phil Mickelsen.

I wish.  Except not because his spouse is going through cancer and that battle is nasty.  I’ve witnessed it twice and I don’t want to go for a third.  I do want to improve my golf game.

2- I’ve lived the same place my whole life.

Nope.  My parents moved about 11 or 12 times before my dad passed away and my mom has moved once since.  (Not to mention all the times I moved apartments while I was in school.)

3- I am ridiculously cool.

I wish.  But alas, tis not the truth.  You’re all ridiculously cool for thinking so but I’m not sure what I’ve done to give that impression.  Love you all.

4- I have a secret longing to open a bed and breakfast near a golf course.

And we have a winner.  I would love nothing more than to open a bed and breakfast.  And if I put it near a golf course, #1 could come true.  (Or I could at least met him.)

5- I’ve competed in rodeo my whole life.

While I have ridden horses, I’m too chicken for barrel racing.  (Which is about the only event women can compete in when it comes to professional rodeo.)

6- I’m secretly a world-famous author who is trying to write with a modicum of anonymity.

Yeah, no.  Some of you have met me and know that pretty much what you see is what you get.

7- I’ll be a presenter at the Oscars in 2 weeks.

Nope.  But I would love to meet Sandra Bullock someday.  And Meryl Streep.

Sorry I was so late with this.  Today’s not been a great day.  There’s a little black cloud hanging over me and I think I’m coming down with something.  And I have to work tonight.