Revisions are going slowly.  But I’ve launched into them wholeheartedly and am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

There are 3 chapters that I have to add in to the book.  I’m partway through one of them.  There may end up being need for a prologue just to help set up some of the subplots that got lost when I took a hacksaw to the manuscript.

And my two main male characters need to be renamed.  Yeah, not an easy task.  My top picks are Halston, Kyler, Loran, Lian, Gage, Declan, Dashiell, and Macrae.

None of them are meshing well with my characters.  But they can’t continue with their current first initials.  They just can’t.

And that’s all I’m saying about the manuscript for now.  Sorry I missed Tantalus Tuesday this month.  I’ll hopefully be back next month with an even more exciting teaser than the ones I’ve posted before.

Stay tuned this afternoon when I reveal which of my statements was the truth and which were bald-faced lies.  (Or half-truths.)