OK, so my biggest struggle this last week or so has been coming up with new names for my main two male characters in Oracles Promise.

Why am I renaming them?  Well, let’s just say I don’t want a love triangle involving those particular two first initials.  Someday I’ll introduce you to my characters, but I can’t until their names are nailed down.

So far these two boys are not happy about the name change.  They won’t agree to any of the names I pick for them and stubbornly refuse to let me change their names at all.  Which gets me thinking?

What’s in a name?  (Sorry, Shakespeare, I know I’m totally pilfering from you.)

Why are names so important to nail down and why are they so hard to get right?  I’ve changed names a dozen times on some of my characters without a worry, but other characters if I have to change their name it becomes a big stinking deal.

Why?  Why are they so important?

Because a name is almost everything.  It can shape a character’s past and future.  And that is why it’s both so important and impossible to get a name just right.