I did very good at writing this week.  I’m super excited about this story and I really can’t wait to write “The End” on it.  But that’s a good ways off.  This time around, I’m just writing it straight into the computer.  My handwriting novels days may be numbered.  We’ll see.

I renamed two major characters this week, too.  It was a struggle but I figured that having two characters who constantly interact both have names starting with “Ch” wasn’t a good idea.  (Don’t worry, I did it before I posted Tantalus Tuesday yesterday so you’re all up to speed on character names.  Sort of.)

After I re-plotted this story, I tinkered with what had been written previously.  Before, I’d been uncertain of where to put chapter breaks and such.  So I was writing it all out in just one big chunk with little asterisks to mark big jumps in time or place.  (Or both.)

Post re-plotting I had pretty much an epiphany and figured out approximate places for chapter breaks.  Which was fabulous.  I rearranged some chunks of the book.  Well, just one.  I had to move it to the front to become a prologue and then it had to get rewritten.  I lost a lot of wordage in the process of rearranging things.

But then it was finally time to start adding words in again.  And add them I did.  And it feels so dang good.

Final word count at the end of Tuesday night stood at 18,555.  Just about 300 more would have brought me to an even 25% completion.  But I was okay with where I ended.  This book is making me happy.  I’m excited to go along on this ride with my characters and it just makes me happy.

I know I repeated myself.  I don’t care.

How are your WiPs going?