Okay,  not much by way of wordage to report.  School has to be my priority right now.

That said, weekends will be spent in writing frenzies just because it’s the weekend and I can do what I want to do.

As for progress, well, I’ve introduced my main antagonist and there are all sorts of juicy ways I can take this right now.  I’m looking forward to writing this book and this antagonist.

I’ve furthered the internal conflict some.  Well, it’s come to a bit of a boil but it will calm down and just simmer there for a while.  In the meantime, the physical action is resuming after a bit of a slow-down in pacing for some needed setup.  I’ll have to tweak some sections of the book if I decide to remain faithful to reality.

But the decision has to be made.  Where do I draw the line between staying true to what really is and taking creative license in order to let the story work?

I also have to decide on a call sign for my MC and one or two others.  See, they’re Air Force.  And lots of airmen have call signs.  (So my research has shown.)  And the only one I can think of for my MC is trademarked.  (And/or copyrighted.)  The research into this was brought about by my mom asking about it.  See, my dad loved the movie “Top Gun.”  (Which I’ve never seen.)  (And what is it with me and parentheticals today?)

There’s other stuff that has to happen this week but I’m trying not to think about it.

How are your WiPs going?