OK, sorry this is late in the day.  It’s been a very long day for me.  I’m so ready to hit the hay right now.  But I promised a follow-up post for today.

Sadly, I have few recommendations for reads in the adventure genre.

There are some examples of adventure novels interspersed in the original post, found here.

As for my recommendations?

The 39 Clues books.  They’re fun adventures for the MG/YA crowd.  (One MC is 13/14 and the other is 10/11 so it kind of bridges it all.)

I do have an idea for an Indiana Jones-style adventure novel floating around in my head.  I’ve been perusing some books from my personal reference library for inspiration and world-building stuff.  I’ll go ahead and include that list here.

The World Encyclopedia of Archaeology

Perfect for when you need to find inspiration for an artifact to be discovered or hunted down.  (Great inspiration for fantasy novels as well.)

The Atlas of Legendary Places

For when you need inspiration for an exotic setting, or just a location to send your intrepid adventurers to where they will face inevitable danger and excitement.

The History of Archaeology

Again, when I need inspiration for world-building or for the quest-object, I look here.

Guide to the World’s Greatest Treasures

What’s an adventure novel without its quest-object?  Nothing, I tell you.  (At least, the type of adventure novel I’ve in mind to write.)

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology.  (The link is in the fantasy follow-up post.)

Because sometimes the best inspiration comes in the form of what could have been, but isn’t.

That’s it for today’s installment in our genre series.  This week’s genre is mystery!  *cue creepy music*

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