OK, so there’s this not-so-secret secret of mine: I am obsessed with soundtracks.  (Think I revealed that a couple weeks ago here on the blog.)  Among these soundtracks are the Broadway highlights CD of “Phantom of the Opera” and the 2-disc movie soundtrack for it.

There’s a song, titled “Think of Me.”
It’s a very melancholy, reminiscent song.  The lyrics bemoan a lost love and all that.  I won’t go too much into it here.  The point I’m wanting to make is coming.
With every ill-fated relationship (or non-relationship) I’ve had, from crushes to a situation I’m not going to go into here on the blog, there’s one thing that forever reminds me of them in the future.
I know it sounds so dang silly.  But there are certain cars, and certain colors of those specific cars, that whenever I see them I’m immediately taken back however many years.
It’s all part of perception, which I talked about a while back.  What do we notice first when in a new situation?  What do we key into when our hearts get involved?  (Because even if a crush isn’t the type of love that will lead to a happy marriage and good relationship, the heart is still involved.)
For most of everything, it’s the cars that serve as my biggest reminder of what was, what could have been.
Now, the question I want to ask is this.
What is the one thing that serves as this reminder for your MC?  It doesn’t necessarily have to be regarding relationships.  What is their biggest memory trigger?
For my MC, it’s voices.  Really and truly.  He will key into bits of a voice that remind him of something else.  For example, one of his two interests in the love triangle I’m setting up has a very musical voice.  It reminds him of his ex-girlfriend because it reminds him of a harp, which his ex-girlfriend played.