OK, I know I said I’d be unplugged all week but I just can’t stay away.  I’ve survived finals week and am so relieved.  Now I just need to dedicate my time to work and researching schools to switch to.

Yeah, that’s right.  I’m switching schools.  Most everything that I’ve come across in the preliminary research I’ve done tells me that I should switch from my current school, even though they have a culinary arts program.  I’m currently looking at two schools in-state and one out-of-state.  Next week I’ll be able to go tour (fingers crossed) facilities locally and get a better feel for the in-state schools.

Last year when I was going to go to culinary school, I’d visited the out-of-state school and liked the feeling.  I met a couple of the chefs and they were friendly.  Which I’m sure would disappear soon as I was in the program.

That experience last year has me leaning quite heavily toward the out-of-state school.I just can’t let that influence me too much.

Kind of like how reading agent blogs can’t influence me too much when it comes time to query.  Sure the agents whose blogs I read are really nice, seem friendly and professional, etc, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for me.

Do you like how I made that connect to writing?  Yeah, I’m such a nerd that I can’t even do a footloose post without talking writing.

Have a good weekend all.