I must admit to being quite distracted over the last week and a half or so.

And not just by the delicious sweet pork enchilada that I had when I went out for Mexican the last day of school.

Finals were last week and let’s just say life was a little hectic and a lot stressful.

But I survived.  And I still managed to add words to my WiP.

I’ve (I hope) complicated and deepened the internal conflict for my MC.  There’s this letter.  I love letters.  And I love dreams.  Those are my two favorite ways of upsetting a character’s delicate balance.

The letter could be a game-changer.  As long as I set it up properly.  Which will have to happen in revisions because I’m focused on moving forward.  (Except that I found that adding a couple of paragraphs very early on in the story actually does quite nicely at setting up the letter.  Added those yesterday and am still moving forward.)  Forward progress.  It was one of the pitfalls of my last novel.  (You know, the one that took me 8 years to reach “The End.”)  I kept revising what I’d written and not continuing the story forward.

I’ve learned better now.  I know that I have to keep pushing myself so that I keep writing.  Then I can revise when I’ve got a full first draft.

Now that school is over, I should have more free time to write.  And read.  That will be nice.  I still plan to pursue photography.  We’ll just see how much it actually gets done.

What else did I get done on the book?  Oh, I spent some time going back through all the random notes I’ve left for myself in places and wrote out an entire page of plotting ideas.  Just little things that I can add to complicate and deepen conflicts and such.  So there’s a whole checklist for me to reference as I move forward from here.

I’m pushing close to the halfway mark at this point and I’m super-excited.

When I finish (which will hopefully happen this month) I plan on celebrating big time.  And by big time I mean sushi.

How are your WiPs going?

Now if you’ll pardon me, I’m off to enjoy some Cinco de Mayo celebrations at a favorite Mexican restaurant.  Just as soon as I get off of work.