This has been a very lackluster week for my writing.  At best guess I’ve written just shy of 2700 words since my last update.

Pathetic, I know.

But whatever.  I’m going to go on a huge writing push today.  Fingers crossed I’ll move past the halfway mark and then I’ll really feel like I’ve made progress on this baby.

There’s still the letter and the issues it raises to deal with.  All of that will unfold over the rest of the story.  I wouldn’t want to cut that plot line short, now would I?

My hero’s brief black moment has ended.  There will be others, I’m certain.  But this obstacle is overcome.  Of course there will be consequences for his actions (or inactions, but I’m not saying which), for both him and one or two of the other characters.

When I’m done with this chapter I plan on going back to my antags for a bit.  I’ll need to push that forward without telescoping what’s coming.

In all, a very unproductive week.  I will be better in the coming week.  (And keep better track. I promise.)

How are your WiPs going?

On a side note, I’m considering ending my genre series early.  Do you concur with this?  Are you guys still enjoying the series or has it become worn?  I only ask because they’re a lot of work and the responses have been waning over time.  My last one took probably 2 hours to research and write.  It’s a big chunk of time that I could be devoting to bringing more meaningful content and adding words to my WiP.