I’ll admit it.  I’ve been putting this genre off for a while now.  See, I blush quite easily.  And I really don’t want to stumble upon something that is going to make me uncomfortable.  So I tend to avoid this genre.  (Despite the fact that the first short story I wrote and the first novel I wrote are both romances.)

This is a short post today though.  Romance can be done in so many different genres that I’m pretty sure I’ve touched on some already and will address more in the future.

n. a book or movie dealing with love in a sentimental or idealized way

Now, I’m not saying I agree with this definition.  This is just the one pulled from my dictionary application on my computer.


  • Primary, central focus start to finish is on the development of the romantic relationship
  • HEA is usually a must, at least an optimistic ending (but the type of HEA can vary and isn’t even essential sometimes)
  • Types
    • Category
      • Shorter, roughly 200 pages or less
      • According to some sources, has a very short shelf life in bookstores
    • Single title
      • Longer, 350-400 pages (rough guideline)
      • Aren’t necessarily stand-alone titles, they can be part of series

There are many categories, like historical, contemporary, science fiction, etc.

Further reading

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Tips for writing it (and if you’re not following Roni’s blog, I suggest you do.  I’ll wait while you go over there.)

Don’t be corny or porn-y
Amping up sexual tension

What is your favorite type of romance?  Any squeaky clean recs for me?  Who’s your favorite author?

Side note, are you still enjoying these posts?