It’s been a big week at my house.  (Sorry for missing last week.  I was not in a particularly good mood and didn’t feel I could keep it from spilling over into the blog.)

If you’re friends with me on twitter or facebook, you know that I’ve been debating between two different schools for my next grand adventure in scholarship.  One here locally and the other out-of-state.

Well, I’ve decided finally and I’m going to be headed out-of-state.

I’ll be sad to leave all my local writer buddies, but we’ll still be connected through the blogosphere.  (And I’ll visit now and again so we’ll just have to arrange get-togethers.)

So, big decision out of the way.  Now I just have to start all the preparations.  Like housing.  And a job.  Sigh.

Have a good weekend everyone!

(I’ll be gone all day and unable to respond to comments or comment on other blogs until this evening.)