It’s that time of week again!  Time for me to belly up the podium and confess my progress, or lack thereof.

This week, I decided to make myself accountable.  I’ve begun writing down my daily word count, no matter how pathetic.  I’d realized that I wasn’t really keeping very good tabs on my progress and so my update posts felt rather pointless.

No more.

This week I pushed past 50% complete on my novel.  I do feel that I’m roughly halfway through the story.  Which is a good feeling.  I was so excited when I hit that benchmark.  I’d been waiting a long time to hit that one.

Other progress.

Total word count on the week: 5,237.  I know it’s rather low.  I had a couple long days at work last week and it just wiped me out.  My big days for word count really have been these last two.  Monday and Tuesday I wrote 1455 and 1452, respectively.  Which was huge considering my combined word count of Thursday through Saturday was a whopping 269.  Yeah, I know.

I’m no longer pushing for a May 31 completion.  That would just be asking way too much at this point.  My new goal is June 20.

I have continued to up the ante and put roadblocks in the path to success for my MC.  I know that soon I will have to start letting him have some success because there’s only a certain amount of time I can string him along for and get away with it.

I’m still struggling with the love triangle part.  My MC’s current girlfriend has no idea that he’s spending all these nights off on grand adventures with the other party in the love triangle.  He’s not cheating on her and he’s only just getting inklings of feeling more for the other girl.

Him being in the hospital and laid up right now might prove a good breeding ground for dissent in the triangle.  We’ll see.

How are your WiPs going?  Any major breakthroughs you want to report?  Major milestones?  Go ahead and share ’em in the comments.  It’s a day to celebrate!