Wow.  Sorry for the random blog hiatus last week.  (Sans warning.)  Lots of progress to report though from the last two weeks since I wrote a WiP update.

Word count for the last two weeks: Added 16,097 words.

Yeah, I kinda wrote a lot.

I’ve finally given my MC some moderate success at some of the tasks assigned to him.

He’s out of the hospital finally, too.  😀

There have been all sorts of upsets to his status quo, though.  And I hope beyond hope none of them come off as contrived.

I know I probably need to do some serious work fleshing out the side characters and even the two females, but I can work on that.  And I will wait for feedback because I think that I’ve got some heavy-duty rose-colored glasses on when it comes to looking at my characters.

I’m almost to 75% done on this project.  I’ll finish this month and hopefully begin my first round of revisions in July.  I’ll be on the lookout for beta readers at some point, too.  (And I’ll need to find at least one male beta because my MC is male and I really would like the feedback in that regard.)

How are your WiPs going?