Hey, look at that!  It’s another “What would you do?” feature!  I know, you’d almost forgotten that I at one point wanted this to be a regular thing.

Today’s scenario:

What would you do if you had the chance to go back to one day in your life, but you could only change one sentence you spoke?  Is there a day you’d choose?  Would you choose it?

What about your MC?  Would they take the option?  You don’t have to tell which day they’d choose to change something they said.  I would never ask you to give spoilers or anything.

Me?  There’s a day I’d go back to.  I know exactly what it would be.  Although the whole time I’d be wishing I could go back and erase a lot more than just that.  I’d go back to one of the days I hurt my dad the most and stop myself from saying what I did.

My MC?  He’d maybe go back to the day he got careless with something and it really hurt him in the end.