It’s blogfest day.  This one is hosted by Amalia, who has a pretty great blog that I only recently discovered. Today’s is all about dream sequences.  I love using dreams to disrupt my character’s status quo.  I think they’re also really great at illustrating some of the MC’s inner workings without falling into the “telling” trap.

That said, here’s a brief dream sequence from my current project, Lodestar.

Derek opened his eyes to behold a wild, overgrown forest.  An ancient longbow rested in his right hand while a quiver of feather-fletched arrows hung across his back.  Birds called to each other in the trees and in the skies.  Rustling came from his left.  His head snapped in the direction while the bow came effortlessly upward.  With one single motion he’d drawn an arrow and nocked it, waiting.  The rustling moved closer and closer.  A fox, perhaps?  He waited, eyes fixated on the faint game trail leading into the clearing from the same direction the noises came.
A beautiful woman entered the clearing.  Dressed in red clothes that swirled around her in an enchanting way she stared straight at Derek.  She made him feel as though she could see right inside his head and read every thought that flitted through.
“Derek.” she said.  Her mouth never moved.  The voice sounded in his head.  He stared at her.  She seemed so familiar.  Then he saw it.  The flowing blonde hair he longed to run his hands through.

Well, there you have it.  This is obviously still its first draft form and will likely change over the course of revisions.  (Please no critiques here.  That is not why I posted it.)