Do you ever feel like you’re standing on a seesaw that’s perfectly level but will tip downward if you take one step forward?

I’m there right now.  My life is at this tipping point.  I’d say it’s like a roller coaster, at the top of the biggest peak right before you plunge downward, but I’ve never ridden one.  (I’m a total chicken, I know.)

From here as the seesaw tips toward the ground it will either be incredibly exhilarating or totally intimidating.  Maybe a little of both.  I just hope someone doesn’t come sit on the other side of the seesaw and then get off, launching me into the prickly bushes.

Or however that works to throw someone from a seesaw.  (It’s been a good many years since I ever witnessed that.  I mean, I would never do something so childish.  *whistles*)

I’m kind of at a tipping point with my writing too.  See, I am soon to be at the point where I’ll need beta readers and critique partners.  Neither of which I have.  This novel is one that I really do see myself carrying through the long haul of revisions.  I would love to query this novel, but I’m still uncertain whether this will be a saleable novel.  I’m worried that this will be another practice novel.

I’d love for it not to be, but the reality is that it just might.

What’s your tipping point?  Do you feel like you’re there?