I’m a writer.  Through and through.

I didn’t even last a day without formulating some new writing project to be working on.  Instead of tinkering with adding some new words to the short stories I’ve got sitting in my hard drive, I began plotting on a super secret project.

That’s right.  It’s top secret.  This one requires Level Infinity Security Clearance.  And the Universe doesn’t hand that out lightly.

But in all honesty, I don’t want to talk too much about this one because if I can’t make it work, I’ll be utterly devastated.

In other news, I FINISHED LODESTAR!  I wrote almost 2800 words last Thursday to finish the book. I was giddy when I typed “The End.”  Beyond giddy.


It’s currently sitting on my computer, simmering away.  I’ve already started a revision checklist for my first round of edits.  I’ll go through those, fix typos and such, then it’s off to my very first beta reader.  Who is, in fact, my brother.  I asked him to read it because he’s a guy.  And he likes books.  And he can tell me from a reader’s perspective if the book is working.  He can also tell me if my main character (who is male) sounds male enough.

Of course, this also means I’ll need some writerly-peeps as beta readers.

How did y’all find your betas?  And, how are your WiPs going?