Yesterday, I read a book that is soon to be made into a movie.  Well, I think it’s been filmed.  I don’t know when it’s being released.

But I looked up on IMDB to see who was cast in what roles.  I saw some pictures that make me very concerned.  It doesn’t at all fit with the way it was described in the book.  And I’m not talking about minor details.  We’re talking integral appearance of characters, names, etc.

Now I’m not certain that I want to go see the movie.  And it’s making me wonder how I’ll deal if someone ever wanted to make my book into a movie.  I don’t know that I’d want that to happen.

What are your thoughts?  Would you want any of your books to be made into movies?  Would you be upset if they made changes you felt unnecessary?  Or would you be able to look at it like the separate medium it is?