Interpersonal connections are highly important to our characters and stories.  Without them, actions take place in a void.  We are given no reason to care about the secondary characters, or even our main character, if we are not able to glimpse some depth to the relations and connections.

Would Harry Potter be the same if there weren’t all these connections and relations?  He has his two best friends, but then there’s the surrogate family that he becomes a part of and all the acquaintances.  Yes, the books can get a little confusing with so many characters coming in and out.

But they would be entirely different if the books were only Harry and Voldemort.  Without those connections, there is no sense of risk, stakes, or reward.

Do you ever feel so disconnected that you can’t write good connections in your stories?  What are some of your favorite relationships/connections in fiction?  Some of your least favorite?