Whew.  What a hectic couple of weeks it’s been.

Progress has been made on both Lodestar and my secret project.

I finished my first read-through of the former.  There is a ton of work to do on the book, but it’s not near as much as there was with Oracles Promise.  But, maybe I’m just not seeing the work that needs to be done.  Maybe.

The book is both more and less hole-y than I expected.  There are internal inconsistencies that need to be ironed out, but the core is strong.

And the ending left me just as satisfied on reading it as it did when I wrote it.  My chest surged with all sorts of emotions and I felt that the bow was tied neatly, but not too neatly.

As for the secret project, well, the outlining is going slowly but surely.

And I’m beginning to feel that this project is really viable.  It may be one of those projects that I just tinker with while I let others stew, during revisions, etc.

We’ll see.

How are your WiPs going?