I am officially a fan of being an unpublished author.

What freedom!

What joy!

What choices!

While I stil intend to work on Lodestar and all its needed revisions, I am fully invested in experimentation.

First short story?  Adult romance

First novel? Adult romance

Second novel? YA high fantasy

Third novel? Adult urban/contemporary fantasy

Short story of last weekend?  Steampunk and dragons

Next planned novel? Adult adventure

I love this freedom to explore and experiment.  Have I found my voice yet?  Maybe.  But perhaps not.  That’s the joy of being unpublished.  I can experiment, write whatever I want, and seek out my voice.

I can play with the rules and buck tradition.

In other words, I have complete and utter control and the absolute freedom to exert that in whatever manner I see fit.

I love being an unpublished author!

What about you?  What do you love about the stage you’re at in this publishing journey?